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Servo Valve Repair Process

At Elite Servo, we perfected the process of Servo Valve repairs. It took us many years of research and development, large investment in testing equipment, as well as hiring skilled technicians and engineers to perform the job properly. In addition to that, we gathered a great support team to help our customers get the results that they are expecting. We believe in transparency that is why we wanted to familiarize you with our Servo Valve Repair process.

There is a lot that is involved in the servo repair process, however the main steps are:

  1. Evaluation  

    Our repair process starts with running multiple tests to determine what is wrong with the unite and what will need to be done to successfully repair the item. We inspect mechanical components of the valve to make sure that spools are moving and there is no major damage done to the body of the valve. Once that is complete we connect electronics to our test bench to see if the Servo Valve powers up and responds to command that is given to it. Based on this
    information we can provide an estimate for the repair price.
    At Elite Servo, we charge based on the work that has to be done to the valve, not based on the price of a new unit. A lot of items come in with internal contamination and do not require costly repairs. In this case we charge our customers only for cleaning and calibration.
  2. Repair 

    Once we receive an approval from the customer, the repair process begins. Our technicians disassemble the valve and thoroughly inspect all the main components, such as main body of the valve, spools , coils, pilot valve, on board electronics (OBE).
    Every repair goes through the process of through cleaning, to make sure all the contaminants and varnish is completely removed. We use ultrasonic cleaners and parts washer to make sure the valves are cleaned thoroughly. Our technicians use precision measuring tools to make sure the valve is within the tolerances of mechanical specifications.
    If the OBE (onboard electronics) of the servo valve are damaged, our team of engineers will identify the problem and replace components that have to be replaced to make the valve fully operational. In addition to that, we replace all the passive components that might fail with time.
    After all mechanical and electrical components passed the initial test, we move on to final testing stage.
  3. Testing

    During the final testing stages, our team of technicians and engineers perform series of tests to make sure that valves are in proper calibration that is defined by manufacturers.
    At Elite Servo we monitor flow rates as well as pressure on P port, A port and B port to make sure that valve is not leaking by and performing like it should as it leaves the manufacturers factory. These tests are very important step in assuring the quality of the repair. We use state of the art testing benches to obtain these results. Elite Servo provides one year of parts and labor warranty on all repairs.

Affordable Servo Valve Repair with 100% Customer Satisfaction

There are many industrial repair services out there that specialize in many different types of industrial equipment. At Elite Servo, we concentrate on things that we can deliver with 100% customer satisfaction. Servo Valve repair is a pretty complicated process that requires to pay close attention to details. We are committed to delivering the best work, so to find out more about services that we offer please contact us today at +1-888-351-2211 or send us a direct email to sales@eliteservo.com!
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