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At Elite Servo, we strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our team of experts can perform complicated repairs efficiently and in a timely manner.
Elite Servo is a servo repair company that was founded by a group of Industrial Automation Engineers with decades of experience in injection molding, fluid power, controls and robotics. In addition to our broad spectrum of knowledge in manufacturing, our main principle is customer satisfaction. In the world of automation we strive to deliver best repair quality and exceptional customer service that involves person to person customer support. At Elite Servo, we will guide you through every step of the repair process, providing exceptional customer service and delivering vast amounts of knowledge to find the best solution. Our team of engineers and technicians have many years of experience working on the newest technology in the servo industry.
We service industries such as:
Our Servo Valve Repair Process in 8 Easy Steps
01Contact Elite Servo to request repair
The process starts with communication, either through email or phone.
02Elite Servo will send out a shipping label for the free evaluation
Our representative will send a premade, easy to use shipping label. The shipping label will already include our shipping address and shipping method.
03Once the client receives the shipping label they will then ship the valve
Ship your valve to us using any preferred shipping carrier. Package the item well to prevent damage in shipping.
04Once Elite Servo receives the valve a formal quote will be provided
Our team performs detailed evaluation of all the damaged parts and parts that might fail in the future.
05After the quote is approved and the purchase order is received, Elite Servo will perform the repair on the valve
Our technicians replace and repair all damaged components as well as passive components that have a tendency to degrade with time.
06Thorough testing of the repaired servo valve
All repairs go through thorough testing on our state of the art equipment. We monitor leakage, pressures, flow, as well as the spool feedback.
07 Elite Servo will then package the Item and ship it back to the customer
Ensuring the item is shipped back to the customer safely while using shipping methods the customer prefers
08Send Invoice
Elite Servo will reach out with final invoice and will make sure that customer is satisfied with the repair